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Jong Ie Nara’s clay is clean and safe as it prevents activities and propagation of bacteria on the clay due to its antibiotics. Jong Ie Nara has manufactured various clays such as Clay Nara developing creativity, soft Deco Clay like whipping cream, Paper Clay whose main material is natural pulp, and Red Clay with eco-friendly red clay.

Products | Clay Nara, Deco Clay, Paper Clay, Red Clay, Art Clay Pen, etc
Pororo Glass Art
Pororo Glass Art
Glass Art Coordi Sticker
Pororo Glass Art
Glass Art
Glass Art
Larva Glass Art
Larva Glass Art
Jelly Art Bakery Sticker
Deco Clay(50g)
Deco Clay (Cafe)
Petit Clay (Decopin)
Paper Clay (Making a mask)
Grami's Circus Show Clay Nara
Clay Nara (Tayo The Little Bus)
Clay Nara 10g
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