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Jong Ie Nara’s transparent glue stick is hard and not crushed well and has strong adhesive strength. It is very clean and transparent as it has no harmful fluorescent material, fluorescent whitening agent, and artificial color. Jong Ie Nara’s glue sticks acquired AP mark that U.S ACMI guarantees the non-toxicity of products and European CE certificate.

Products | Glue, Bond, Varnish, Glitter Glue, etc
Craft Glue 20g
Craft Glue 60g
Craft Glue 30g
Craft Glue
Craft Glue 200g
Craft Glue 150g
Nara Glue Stick 8g
Glitter Glue
Glitter Glue
Han Ji Craft Glue 200g
Han Ji Craft Glue 150g
Liquid Glue
Liquid Glue
Hot Melt Sticks(S)
Hot Melt Sticks(L)
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