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Jong Ie Nara is making every endeavor to advance ourselves
to become a world best educational and cultural products provider.
2014. 07. 07 Opening ceremony of Jong Ie Nara relocated extension factory(Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do -> Choong Ju-si, Choongbuk)
2013. 02. 22 Accredited the design research institute by Korea Industrial Technology Association
2011. 10. 14 Acquired GLASS ART CE Certificate
2010. 09. 02 Acquired Colored Paper CE Certificate
05. 03 Signed a voluntary agreement to reduce toxic materials in children’s products with Ministry of Environment Korea
04. 08 Acquired Glue Stick, Clay CE certificate
2008. 10. 13 Held annual Korea Paper Culture Art Open Competition
01. 07 Changed museum name to Jong Ie Nara Museum (Director: Young-hye Rho)
2007. 04. 27 Opened Culture and Art(C&A) Academy, the life-long education institution affiliated with Paper Culture Foundation
2005. 10. 21 Selected as the winner of launching excellent new product (Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses)
09. 22 Established Paper Culture Foundation
2002. 12. 26 Selected as an outstanding technology enterprise (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
1999. 11. 01 Moved the company from a Seoul office to a Jong Ie Nara building in Jangchung-dong 1-ga
10. 01 Changed the company name from Korea Color Company to Jong Ie Nara Korea Color Co., Ltd.
06. 01 Acquired U.S ACMI(AP-MARK: Certification of non-toxic ingredient)
04. 21 Selected as a promising small and medium-sized export company (Small and medium Business Corporation Korea)
03. 17 Won the “Steel Tower Industrial Medal” in the Korea’s 26th Commerce and Industry ceremony
1998. 12. 09 Opened Jong Ie Nara Paper Art Museum
07. 09 Won the silver medal in the small and medium-sized companies division of the Gyeonggi-do QCC Competition
1996. 08. 29 Moved the factory from Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do to Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
08. 01 Selected as sanitary finishing certificate (SF-MARK) company
04. 29 Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business(Gyeonggi Governor)
1994. 11. 01 Won the excellence award in new product contest of “96 International Stationary Exhibition in Korea”
1993. 11. 01 Won the bronze prize at the small and medium-sized business division of the national QCC Competition
06. 10 Won the gold prize at the small and medium-sized business division of the Gyeonggi-do QCC Competition
1991. 06. 07 Selected as the quality control 1st class company from Korea government (C Ma-254)
1989. 06. 05 Korean Industrial Standard KS Mark Patent No.9 Je 6897
03. 07 Established Korea Jongie Jupgi Association
1988. 08. 01 Established Korea Color Publishing Company
06. 02 Selected as the Q-MARK company from Korea government
1981. 08. 01 Selected as the quality control 2nd class company
1979. 10. 10 Selected as an excellent manufacturer from Korea government
1972. 07. 07 Established Korea Color Company
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